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  1. This is my first use of a red dot sight and I am glad I went this way. I was looking for a red dot for my pistol that was affordable and available in Australia and this fit the requirement. I first saw the Zero Tech red dot on Soldier Systems, then after emailing them I was told that it would be available to order soon. Refreshing the page daily I was awarded with an “add to cart”, so I pulled the pin and bought it.
    I had it delivered within 7 days of purchase and was waiting at home in NSW when the postie came. I am not one to keep the boxes from manufactures, but this one I will, I was impressed. Unboxing the sight it was tightly packed in it’s foam container, there was no way that this would rattle in the box in transit. There was a note to sat that the battery had been installed so I was eager to see it in action. At first sight I was impressed with the large glass and turning it on I had no issues finding the red dot through all the power settings. It was light as well and of a sturdy construction. It came with 2 tools for torque screws, red dot cover, cleaning cloth and was factory mounted on the low mount. It was time to put this on my pistol.
    My new Canik Rival was the recipient for this red dot. I unscrewed it from the low mount and put that aside for a future project. I used the No. 2 plate that came with the Canik and mounted it to the slide. I used the mounting screws from the Zero Tech to mount it to the slide mount. Fit was perfect and after a few drills I was able to acquire the red dot easily as well as use all the controls on the pistol unhampered. So far so good.
    Haven’t tested it live fire yet, so I will be back with a range review.
    I am very happy with the purchase. If I hadn’t seen the review on Soldier Systems I probably would have gone another route. But, very glad I did see it. Thank you Zero Tech. Looking forward to updating this with a range review.

  2. After using a mates rifle with one of these mounted on it i just had to have one so i have ordered one from my local store and will be mounting it on my .300wm that is also on order.
    Can’t wait.

  3. I just brought the Vengeance 4.5-18×40 Great Scope it’s crystal clear built tough and has exceeded my expectations. Thanks to the guys at Gun Emporium for suggesting Zero Tech I’ll be definitely sticking with them in the future

  4. Great product, fantastic scope for a 22LR. The glass is very clear and the side focus is an excellent feature for the Vengeance price point.

  5. Clean glass, very affordable

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